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We believe our pest control will be part of a green, health-smart home. 
No spray pest control, health safe eco-friendly
About Us

Quality Pest Control is a service that was developed and designed in 1995. This service provides Pest Control in the interior and exterior of homes and commercial buildings without any sprays or aerosols.

No particles are injected into the air space, which means no sprays or aerosols are used. This is a better solution for people and pets. Service is guaranteed for an entire year, there is no hidden charges. Spraying baseboards and lawns is a waste of time and money, We ensure a PEST FREE living space without any monthly smells or residuals left in your home.

All products used are registered and approved by the Environmental Protection Agency.

Quality Pest Control is the only pest control suited for Florida Green Homes. No indoor air pollution, no environmental impact.

Pest Control healthy pest free living

Spraying baseboards and lawns is a waste of money. We ensure HEALTHY, PEST FREE living space without any monthly smells or residuals left in your home. We have developed and designed a ONCE A YEAR service. Our service covers roaches, ants, spiders, silverfish and rodents. 

We provide year long protection without using sprays or aerosols inside the home. All products used are non-allergenic and practically non-toxic as applied.

  • We use ATTRACTANT BAITS to kill both Ants & Roaches outside before they can enter the home.

  • A GRANULAR product is used as a residual treatment to all landscape/planters and entire perimeter of the home.

  • We apply a CLEAR REPELLANT around the windows, doors and eaves to complete the ouside barrier.

  • ANT & ROACH BAITS are placed in insulated areas of the attic. This seals off insect hiding places and passage ways.

  • We place INSECT BAITS under major appliances, where insects go in search for food and water.

  • A residual BAIT PASTE that insects like to eat is placed in out of way areas, behind drawers & cabinets and in storage areas to provide long lasting protection.

  • We also remove every wall receptacle and light switch cover and INJECT A SPECIALIZED GEL into wall cavities to prevent insects from using these hollows as a breeding area.

To insure the home remains pest free for an entire year, we will re-establish all outside barriers and bait placements on the sixth service month.

We also offer:

  • Fire Ant Control

  • Concrete Pavers Treatment

  • White Footed Ant Treatment

  • Big Headed Ant Treatment

  • Wildlife Removal

  • Termite Service Plan

  • Honey Bee Removal Services



I can't say enough good things about Quality Pest Control of S W FL.. I have been a customer of theirs for 20 yrs and they have ALWAYS responded to my needs without delay or hassle Thank you to Terri and Don, and most especially Luis for taking such good care of my home and keeping me bug free.

I couldn't believe that the man spraying for bugs in my home was the reason my 5 year old son complained of a running nose. It would only be a day or two but after every visit by the bug man.
important is is not to spray inside the home. My wife and I just felt horrible. We were paying for a service that was not healthy for our family. Well, we no longer have any ants, or runny noses.

Quality Pest Control is a company that does pest control the right way. We have 3 poodles, 1 new born baby, and a 94 year old living with us. Everyone survived the treatment (not even a sign of trouble) and have not seen a bug since.
Even the sugar ants are gone.
Thank you for the expert service and great customer service.



Tel. 239-540-2359

Toll Free: 1-877-235-7142

Fax. 239-540-6847


Monday - Friday: 7am-4:00pm

1925 SE 32nd St.

Cape Coral, FL 33904



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